sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

The Lucifer Principle; Howard Bloom

A remarkable – and pessimist – view on the human nature, the book brings Bloom’s interpretation of an extensive series of evidence from science, psychology, philosophy and history to argue over what he calls ‘the Lucifer Principle’, which is the human instinct for competition and destruction, which plays a fundamental role in his evolution.
The author structures his theory in several short and consistent chapters where his ideas will develop in an intuitive order. He compares several social studies with guinea pigs with historical facts to prove how far we are to have control of the fraction of our minds called ‘the animal mind’.
He also explains how we think and act as members of the society – our role as cells of the superorganism. He presents a few examples of notably mass manipulation cases such as totalitarian governments that followed his ‘rules’ to create cohesion around the meme (idea/ideology).
According to Bloom, the future of the human race is in the space: to find other planets to explore and call home. But he says that the only way to finally achieve eternity – as a race – is to find a way to stop war. Conflict is something intrinsic to our nature, and our greatest victory will be eradicating that from ourselves.
It is definitely a very interesting reading. Provides a rough idea on how to manipulate people (the author has been a successful ‘star maker’ in the American music industry). A new way to study societies.

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