sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Outliers – The story of success; Malcom Gladwell

The book is about how extremely successful people (the Bill Gates kind of people) have done along their lives to become the top of the top on their fields – and the author defends that hard work and talent alone would never be able to lead achievements.

Presenting brilliant research in a range of disciplines like sociology, linguistics, science, math, history and others, Gladwell explains how a lot of different factors both big and small, many of them relegated to chance and/or historic situations, will all converge to affect the our lives and produce the so called outliers. His point is that despite what the mass media will tell us everyday about the stars, no one is capable to become a ‘legend’ in whatever activity this person is in only by his own efforts.

He compares some background facts on the life of people who have IQ scores of real geniuses and explain what happened during their lives that helped those who achieved success and those who didn’t, despite all the inborn advantages of both groups, as one of the many examples used to prove that success owns more to casualty than to natural vocation.

Particularly I like Gladwell’s writing style and I think he always have great subjects and groundbreaking thought in his books. This one may not be as useful as The Tipping Point, but is as much interesting as Blink is, and gives us an important message when he concludes that opportunity may happen to anyone, but only those who are prepared will seize it. And he also advocates that we should start thinking on a society which would facilitate talent to develop instead of relegating it to probability.

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